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Unlike existing SaaS management and Cloud access security tools, Ampliphae is non-disruptive and extremely easy to deploy, requiring no client-side software or complex log mining - it simply plugs into a network port and immediately starts analysing network traffic - even if it is encrypted - in a completely unobtrusive manner.

Ampliphae can be deployed either on-premise, in the Cloud, or within a Managed Service Provider’s network, and readily scales both upwards and downwards - meaning it can be cost-effectively used in virtually any size of organization.

Continuous Discovery

SaaS Applications delivered from the Cloud bring great benefits, not least in ease and speed of adoption across the organisation. But sometimes that leads to problems, and a SaaS application can be deeply embedded in a departmental business process before IT have even realised it’s in use.

But how do you find out what SaaS Applications are in use? You could ask people or even trawl through expense reports and card statements, but that’s time-consuming and inaccurate.

Instead, Ampliphae continuously monitors the outbound network traffic from your organisation, using sophisticated statistical and pattern recognition algorithms to identify every Cloud application in use.

Adoption Insights

SaaS applications are designed for viral adoption. Marketed directly to the end-user, with no installation required and free usage thresholds, an application can spread across your organisation like wildfire – or it might be used for a week or two and then abandoned.

Ampliphae uses multifaceted statistical algorithms to track and predict the adoption of SaaS applications, from the first Eureka moment of discovery through viral adoption across departments, offices and the organisation.

Machine Learning techniques allow us to spot the hidden patterns of usage which represent emergent business processes. Enterprising employees stitch together SaaS and on-premise applications into a new workflow to get things done fast – but without consideration for the security risks.

Pro-Active Governance

Cloud Applications are at the forefront of enterprise software innovation, so a blanket ban risks leaving your business uncompetitive. But there are thousands of SaaS applications available to your people via the web browser on their PC or mobile, and not all are worthwhile or even safe – so how do you decide which ones to allow?

Ampliphae provides a continually-updated catalogue of every major SaaS application, allowing the IT team to understand what an application is being used for, assess the security, regulatory and business continuity risks, and implement a solid governance policy around it.

GDPR and Data Privacy

From May 2018 any organisation doing business within the EU must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation – or face fines of 20 million Euro or greater. The GDPR has specific requirements around governance of personal data including who has access to the data, how it is encrypted and where in the world it is processed and stored.

But if your organisation depends on SaaS applications processing data ‘in the Cloud’ how do you know if you are compliant? Ampliphae identifies all the Cloud applications your people are using, and gives each one a risk score for security and GDPR issues. By continually monitoring the network traffic for each Cloud application, Ampliphae can alert when applications send information outside EU-approved locations or if the traffic is not encrypted.


SaaS applications are increasingly important to the business, and are often selected by individuals and teams without involving the IT team. But the IT team remains responsible for business continuity, security and efficient use of IT resources, and so must retain a level of control over the SaaS applications in use.

With Ampliphae, you can choose the level of independence you give people in the business. Through integration to your network, Ampliphae can completely block access to all but your preferred applications. Alternatively you might choose to allow access to all apps, and instead coach employees to help them understand the issues and exposures. Ampliphae can send customised informational emails to employees when they start using a new tool, reminding them about the issues of security and data governance, and nudging them back towards the corporate approved applications. And you are always in control with detailed usage reports for all applications.

Shadow IoT

In an era of ‘Bring Your Own Device’ we are all aware of the risks of malware and uncontrolled applications coming into the organisation via employee personal devices. But increasingly, the previously innocuous devices that your people connect to the network – such as conference phones, projectors and TV panels – are consuming multiple Cloud services as well.

By monitoring the network, Ampliphae can identify where a physical device is acting as a conduit for a Cloud application, and ensure that SaaS governance is extended to these Shadow IoT applications.